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Continous Personal Development

Minor Illness Course

Course Description:

This course is delivered by clinical experts to ensure students have up to date knowledge and skills to feel confident to manage minor illness presentations across the age spectrum within an urgent and primary care setting.


​Minor Illness is designed for any aspiring specialist and advanced clinical practitioners who wish to work in primary and urgent care.


3 Days

Course Cost:

£ 495 per person (INC VAT)


Cannock, Staffordshire

Topics Covered:

  • Consultation Models

  • Clinical Decision Making

  • Cardiac and Respiratory Disorders

  • ENT Disorder: examination and management

  • Ohpthalmic Disorder: examination and management

  • Gynaecology Disorders: assessment and management

  • Assessment of Abdominal complaints

  • Paediatric conditions

  • Mental Health Assessment

  • Approach to interpreting blood tests

  • Assessment and management of orthopaedic conditions


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Who is this for?

The minor illness course is designed for clinicians who are looking to specialise in urgent and primary care.

  • Nurses

  • Paramedics

  • Pharmacists

  • Physiotherapists

  • Allied health professionals

  • OOH practitioners – all grades

  • A&E practitioners – all grades

  • Prison Nurses

  • Physiotherapists


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Rapid Response have been running accredited training courses for many years and have built up a fantastic reputation with our customers and also Qualsafe, the awarding body.

All our courses are taught by experienced personnel with many years front line ambulance and training experience.

We try to make our courses as practical as possible and introduce interesting scenarios