Remote & on-site testing

Rapid Response offers a testing service for both the general public and business's.

The tests are designed to offer peace of mind and safety to both the public and their employees.

You can visit or send your staff to our Cannock, Staffordshire testing site or we can visit you to either test a single person or a full business.

Many business's are now doing regular weekly COVID tests on all employees to ensure they are safe.

We use the STANDARD Q COVID-19 AG Lateral Flow (LD) test which offers a result in 15-30 minutes and is approved by the World Health Organisation. The testing equipment that we use provides a 96.52% sensitivity to COVID-19, with a 99.68% specificity for those who do not carry the infection.

Many airlines / countries do not accept Lateral Flow (LD) tests, its your responsibility to check.


The most common use for the rapid test (Lateral Flow) is for what's called "Asymptomatic" testing, this means testing yourself or your staff routinely when they don't have symptoms. This is currently what is being done within the NHS and by many schools and business's.

This is a great way of protecting your staff, friends and family. Many people and business's are testing their staff weekly.

Although widely used Rapid Tests cannot be used to avoid isolation and most countries require a lab PCR test for travel, although many airlines and countries are now accepting rapid tests also. 

The current UK guidance is that if you have COVID symptoms you should isolate and book a PCR test via the test and trace system. This test is not a replacement for the government PCR test and is mainly used for routine testing in people without symptoms.


STEP 1: Book your COVID-19 test either online or by calling - 01543 471 547 (Option 1). You can either visit our testing centre in Cannock, Staffordshire or we can travel to you within Staffordshire and the West Midlands. 

STEP 2: Your test will be completed by a trained healthcare professional wearing the recommended PPE.

STEP 3: You will get your result while you wait (Within 30 minutes) and a letter detailing your result with the recommended guidance.

STEP 4: Many business's and individuals are choosing to get regular tests to safeguard there workforce and/or family.


£60.00 Per Test


Our onsite testing is designed mainly for business's who want to routinely test there staff to promote a safe working environment. We will send a healthcare professional to your premies, there are discounts based on the amount of tests carried out on the same visit. Prices are valid for the same visit only

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Frequently asked questions 

How accurate are the tests?

The testing equipment that we use provides a 96.52% sensitivity to COVID-19, with a 99.68% specificity for those who do not carry the infection. They are also approved by the World Health Organisation and are the same tests currently used by all NHS workers for regular weekly testinng.

Can i use the test to allow me to travel?

This all depends on the airline and/or country, some require a full PCR test to be compelted and wont accept the Lateral Flow Tests (LD) tests. You will receive a letter confirming the type of test used and your test result but you must check with your airline/country first.

Will this test mean i dont need to isolate?

Current guidelines state that you should still isolate regardless of your test result if you have come into contact with somebody who has COVID-19. You should always follow the latest guidance which can be found below:

Can i use this test if i have symptoms?

Yes you can however current guidelines say that if you have COVID symptoms you should also take a PCR test via test and trace.

School / college & university testing

We are also able to offer a service to mass test education environments. We can offer both a test supply service or if you already have supply of tests we can provide an appropriately trained and DBS checked clinician to carry out the test.

Please contact us to discuss this service.