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Department: Ambulance Division

Stansted, Norwich and Aylesbury 

Reports To:

Team Leaders, Managers and Directors

Salary: 57,000 pa

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Ensure quality patient care at all times, in-line with company training and CQC compliance.

  • Communicate with all team members, management, contractors and our customers, using a candour approach with honesty, integrity and always in a respectful manner.

  • Provide adequate cover throughout  allocated shifts, including breaks and shift changeovers.

  • Personnel are expected to be committed to meeting the needs of the business and provide a safe and effective service to all of our customers.

  • Personnel are expected to understand safe-guarding and provide a service to ensure the well-being of all patients within our care.

  • Communicate any issues and near misses that may directly impact the operation or reputation of the company with Team Leaders, Managers and Directors immediately.

  • Always maintain a high standard of housekeeping and ambulance vehicle standards in line with company policy.

  • All vehicles and equipment are clean and ready to meet the operational requirement following shift when no VPO is available.

  • Liaise with team leaders, managers and directors to ensure that the necessary resources and consumables are available, and that the companies’ property is kept in good order.

Kickstart  Your Career 

  • Proactively identify and encourage quality and continuous improvement opportunities.

  • Identify and report potential wasteful processes, actively minimising waste where possible.

  • Work with Team Leaders, Managers and Directors to ensure that all statutory and company compliance is adhered to.

  • Ensure that you punctual for allocated shifts, training course or meetings.

  • Ensure compliance with all H&SE requirements in the use of all equipment and materials applicable to role.

  • Ensure all care reports and/or company compliance is completed and recorded accurately.

  • Communicate any perceived training requirements to the Team Leaders, Managers and Directors.

  • Provide support determined appropriate to your job role by either the Team Leaders, Managers and/or Directors.

  • Promote an inclusive culture, ensuring all personnel are treated equally.

  • Each Paramedic is to ensure their individual time and enhanced skill level is being utilised effectively for all tasks being carried out and assume clinical lead unless instructed otherwise by management.

  • Each Paramedic must book out any equipment / drugs relevant to their skill set to ensure best patient care and to be compliant with company policy.

  • Ensure all documentation relevant to patient care and company compliance, including control of drugs must be completed accurately and in a timely manner.